5 Ways To Deal With A Jealous Mother-In-Law (Read)

5 Ways to deal with a jealous mother-in-law

To avoid unnecessary drama and get some peace in your marriage, here are some sure ways to deal with a jealous mother-in-law:

1. Understand her feelings: All women are quite emotional. So, instead of retaliating or fighting with her, try to first understand her feelings and the cause of the revolt.

2. Acknowledge the bond between her and her son: You need to show your mother-in-law that your marriage with her son isn’t going to hamper the mother-son relationship existing between them.

3. Give her attention: Regular phone calls, text messages and even occasional visits will let her know that she is on your mind, and this will go a long way to smoothen your relationship with her.

4. Give her gifts/surprises: You can ask your husband of the likes and dislikes of your mother-in-law. Surprise her with gifts and this will make her happy and also welcome you with open arms.

5. Keep her involved in your family: Keeping your mother-in-law involved in your family, like seeking for her advice on parenting and home making can make you win her over.

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