4 Signs To Know That You Satisfy Your Man Sexually (Read)

Top 4 signs to know that you satisfy your man sexually


There is nothing happier than knowing that your efforts at satisfying your man sexually are not in vain. Although open communication is an obvious way to know if your man is satisfied sexually, there are still some signs to watch out for.

Here are 4 top signs to know that you satisfy your man sexually:

1. The Romance Is Alive: If your man is continuously and consistently being romantic with you, then know that you are doing it right, because a guy who is sexually unsatisfied won’t stay romantic with you for long.

2. Cuddles Afterwards: If your man cuddles, caresses or shares some moments of intimacy after sex, then it’s a sign that he enjoys having sex with you so much.

3. Regular Spontaneous Sex: When your man spontaneously initiates sex even when he knows you’re quite busy, then it’s a sign that he likes doing it with you so much.

4. He Brags About You: If you’re doing it right, your man wouldn’t be able to shut up about it. He’d always brag about your skills to his friends and ears that care to listen.

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