Muslim Woman Converts To Christianity, Her Reason Will Shock You

Muslim Woman Converts To Christianity, Her Reason Will Shock You


Bassma Dabbour Jaballah speaks with Cheryl Weber about how she left the faith she was born into to follow Jesus. When Bassma herself converted to Christianity at the university in Tunisia, she was initially rejected by her family. As soon as I became Christian, I didn’t know I was no longer Muslim. I just knew I was following Jesus,” Bassma says.

“Islam is a religion of terror and a religion of hypocrisy, which despises women, oppresses and them, and does not give them their full rights and I am proud to say I am Christian.” Basma was subjected to a ferocious attack by followers, who demanded to have her arrested and held accountable.

For accepting Christ, a colleague of Bassma Dabbour Jaballah was burned at the stake in her native land. Tunisia was originally Christian. Although now a 99.99% Muslim country, Tunisia has strong Christian roots. Very significant ancient church history took place in this very same land.

The ruling Arab view of Islam at the time was that Islam was primarily a religion for Arabs and Arabs subsequently treated non-Arab converts as second-class citizens. Knowing full well the risks and the ultimate cost of converting to Christianity, Muslims are being exposed to the love and liberty that is the embodiment of Jesus Christ.

Accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior even at the threat of losing their families, jobs, friends, heritage, their lives. Brothers and sisters in Christ with Muslim backgrounds, like Bassma, risk their lives to share Jesus Christ in countries where the name of Jesus is not welcomed.

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