I’m So Happy He Chose Me – True Story Of How A 9-Year-Old South African Boy Married A 62-Year-Old Woman To Please His Ancestors (Video)

I’m So Happy He Chose Me- True Story Of How A 9-Year-Old South African Boy Married A 62-Year-Old Woman To Please His Ancestors (Video)

They say age is just a number. So, does age really matter when it comes to relationships and matters of the heart? As far as we are concerned, there isn’t really a specific age that is we can say it’s totally right to fall in love. However, it’s a different matter when it comes to marriage. We know you have to reach adulthood before you can get married but it would seem in our part of the world today, people are going against social norms to set record examples.

18 years is mostly the age when a person reaches adulthood and is legally deemed worthy to take care of themselves. Some people consider 18 years a very young age to marry. But it would seem children nowadays have other plans. In a shocking turn of events, a 9-year-old boy defied all odds to marry a 62-year-old woman in South Africa to appease his dead ancestors. At just 9 years, Sanele Masilela became the world’s youngest groom. Sanele married Helen Shabangu, 62, for the second time, after marrying her last year as part of a ritual.

The Mirror reports that Masilela was visited by his dead ancestors who told him to wed Shabangu. They say they married again to make it “official.”Sanele’s family accepted the marriage because according to them if they refused to satisfy their ancestors, something horrible would have happened to the two families. Regardless of this, certain individuals in Ximhungwe town, where the wedding took place occurred described the entire occasion as ‘nauseating’.

However, the two will not live together and Sanele said he still plans to marry a woman his own age when he is older and more established. “I’m very happy that the boy chose me and my family support and understand that it is part of making ancestors happy,” Shabangu said. “One day Sanele would grow normally and have a family of his own and get married one day, all this ceremony is for making ancestors happy. We are playing.” Sanele and Helen got married in 2014

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