If You Have This 8 Qualities All Women Will Want You Especially No 4 & 5

1.Men who can cook:
Did you know that a guy who can cook is more attractive than that who can’t cook?.A man in the kitchen looks very seductive indeed,women love that. So if you want to be appealing to your girl,learn how to cook!.

2.Men with flat/toned stomach – Don’t be deceived that a potbelly is attractive. Its not. It makes you look boring,lazy and careless. You might look rich but its not attractive. Women love the six packs on men’s chest. Everyone wants to be with someone who is fit anyway.

3.Men who love animals – A man who love pets is usually kind and caring and women love that. So stop kicking that cat next door. It might just be the reason why you are always lonely and TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

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