“I Still Have S3x With My Brother Even Though He Is Married.” Young Lady Confesses

We wake up each and everyday from our bed and we hear and see a lot of strange things happening in the world. In this article I bring you a confession about a young lady who started dating and having sex with her brother and even though her brother is now married, they still have a secret affair. The lady in question wants to stop this kind of act but she is deeply in love with his brother and she can’t stop. However, she chose to hide her identity as she shared the story on social media.

“I want to stop sleeping with my brother, but seriously I can’t. I have been sleeping with my brother since 2016 till now. Though he got married in the year 2018, I still can’t control my feelings for him .Sometimes I become jealous when I see him with his wife but what can i do? We can’t have a future together. I started all all of this and have even done several abortion for him.” She narrated.

According to her, this is how it’s all started;

After she completed her National Youth Service (NYSC) in 2016, she was going through a hard breakup with her boyfriend and was seriously broken hearted, so she came home drunk one night. That night, she slept on the same bed with her brother and she started kissing him and TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

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