How I Found Out That My Husband Planned With His Brother & Mom To Drug Me & Did This To Me

Where do I start this sad story from? How do I explain an abomination committed by my husband, his mother and younger brother?

I was 25 when I fell in love with Jide. He was 42 and a divorcee. He was the first child of his parents and has a younger brother who was two years older than me.

When the news of my getting married to a man who was a divorcee and 17 years older than me reached my parents, they were against it. However, after much pressure from me, they reluctantly accepted and gave their blessings.

That singular wrong decision to marry Jide was the genesis of my predicament which I lived to regret afterwards.

We got married and relocated to a neighbouring state. The first few months of marriage were blissful until I became weighed down by worries of my inability to get pregnant.

My husband comforted me and advised me to stop worrying about it and that God will grant our desire at the appointed time.

I was so grateful for my understanding husband. Little did I know that the termites that eat up vegetables live inside the vegetables.

I went for several fertility test against my husband’s order and the results confirmed that there was nothing wrong with me.

Seven years passed by and our childless state persisted. I began to lose sleep and weight over it. People began to whisper behind my back that I was a barren woman.

My mother in-law didn’t give me a breathing space either. She taunted me and made life miserable for me. Only my husband stood by me.

Few months later, my husband’s mother and his only brother came to visit us. I felt uncomfortable by the presence of my mother in-law but to my utmost surprise, she was suddenly nice to me.

She helped me with the house chores, spoke freely with me, advised me when we were alone in the kitchen. I became relaxed and my worries dissipated.

I never suspected that her sudden change was a deliberate act to make me lose my guard, so that she and her two sons can successfully carryout TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

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