10 American Movies You Should Not Allow Your Children Watch, Especially No 8

Video, cartoons and screen plays are part of what keeps children alive, cure their boredom and makes them lively and active at home or at schools.

However, It has been established that children having the chance to view some movie scene can affect their psychological reasoning as well as their way of thinking. Parents, guardians and teachers have the responsibility of making sure that vulgular, pornographic and scary content are not placed or viewed within the reach of children as this can have along lasting effect on their life. Also, the children’s social life and the people they mix with should be checked thoroughly.

In this article, we are going to be making known the list of some movies you should never allow your children to see in order to make sure that they are not affected mentality and psychologically now and later in life.

1. Spartacus

Spartacus is an American Movie which has a lot or sexual scenes in it. It comes in episodes and contains scary, bloody and graphic contents not good for your children to see.

Sometimes, even adults are very scared and emotional whenever they watch this movie and one way or the other affects them for a particular period of time.


The movie is scary and disgusting at the same time because it is about an irate scientist who is find of kidnapping human being and turning them into monsters of his choice.

It features Justin long and Michael parks and it contains gruesome murder, horror and mildly scary content and should be taken far away from children because it will have a negative effect on them.

3. Blue Valentine

Directed by an award winning actor derek cianfrance, this is an American romantic movie that features features Michelle Williams and Ryan goslings received several backlash after it was released

It contains heartbreaking, depressing and emotional scenes which will have a long lasting effect on children health. It should not be seen around kids talkless of watching it wherever they are close to.

4. Under the skin

Sincerely you will want to avoid your kids from viewing this because the story line is mostly about seduction and stripping naked. Prevent your kids from seeing it because they might want to go around practising it TAP HERE TO READ THE REST

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