Fuel Attendant Caught Doing ‘D!Rty Things’ To Lady While Selling Fuel (VIDEO)

A fuel attendant has been caught in a viral video doing unprintable things to a lady while selling fuel to her, sparking reactions on social media.

This is from a video that has just surfaced on social media as sighted by Naijaphobia.com.ng Twitter.

Netizens on the mini-blogging platform were even calling what this lady was doing to this guy as harassment.

By looking at this guy’s reaction you could clearly see that he is not in a comfortable situation, as he is not working comfortably.

Others thought what this lady was doing as funny. However, others were saying that if this was a man who was doing this to a woman, there would have been a different response from people.

Some were even saying that if this was done by a man to a woman he would have been arrested by now for doing this. Looking at this video you could also see this guy’s coworkers laughing at the back, as they seemed as if they were enjoying seeing what this lady was doing to this guy.

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