My Dad Forced Me To Sleep In His Room, See What He Did To Me At 12:30AM” – Lady Confesses


There are countless numbers of atrocities that is been carried out by human beings and this has made the world a scary place to live.

Imagine the story of this young and beautiful lady who confessed about what her biological Dad/father did to her that has been a major source of pain to her.

However the Lady confessed on popular social media (Facebook) about how her Dad forced her to sleep in his room and went further to do something that can not be verbally explained to her on here.

According to the what the lady said, her Dad woke her up at exactly 12:30AM and asked her to do what is totally unexpected from a father figure.


Without doubt some so-called parents does not deserver the name they are called i.e parent, because their behavior and actions that does not qualify them to be called a parent.

According to the lady’s post on Facebook, she said that, “What I am about to reveal is something that still cause me pain right till this moment.

Some months ago my Dad forced me to sleep in his room and what happened that night was something that has been a major source of pain to me.

It was exactly 12:30AM that my Dad woke me up and asked me to off my dr*ss and later did”, Lady confesses.



If we are to critically look at this whole revelation made by this lady, one will easily conclude that her Dad should be arrested or severally punished.

But this is definitely not the only case about about this kind of “abuse” because some other ladies out there maybe afraid to confess this kind of experience.

In your own opinion, what can you say about this lady confession, do you think it will be right if she arrest her Dad? Or she should forget about all that happened between her and her Dad.

Advice this lady on what you think she should do.

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