In Case Of Snake Bite, Do This Quickly To Avoid Death

In Case Of Snake Bite, Do This Quickly To Avoid Death

Snake bites are perilous and lead to death if not treated urgently

Attempt the underneath home treatment as medical aid prior to looking for full medical treatment.

Kolanut has a significant level of cell reinforcement which encourages the body to expand its invulnerability levels.

Chew one Kolanut rapidly and it will kill the impact of the toxin in no time.

As a snake repellant; Get dried harsh kola and grind it to powdered structure then spread it around the areas surrounded by the snakes or around the compound. if the snake crosses it, its likely to die.

After doing this, don’ t keep the victim at home, take the person to emergency clinic for proper medical treatment.

Take this precautions.

Do not bleed the wound.

Do not try to force the venom out of the wound.

Do not put ice on the bite.

Take the below steps to avoid snake bites:

1. Avoid Bushy places where snakes may live. sometimes they may live in rocky areas, fallen logs, deep holes in the ground etc

2. Use touch light when walking outside at night.

3. Never try to handle snake even if you think it is dead.

4. Also watch where your footstep and where you site when outdoors.

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