See What l Caught My 8 Years Old Daughter Doing In Her Room (Video)

What A World We Live In, See What l Caught My 8 Years Old Daughter Doing In Her Room

Dear readers the story you’re about to read is base on fiction, no content in this article are real.

My name is joy, what I want to share with you happen a long time ago. It was a bright new day I was sitting on a couch and watching a TV program, when all of a sudden someone rush into the house, I was scared at first but I later discover it was my daughter.

She was breathing heavily, so I ask her who was chasing her, but all she said was nobody was after her, but her reaction looks suspicious, she looks very unhappy, she went inside her and lock the door. I notice something wasn’t right.

So I went back to the sitting room to continue my TV program, after about 3 hours, I notice that she has not come out from the room, I tried calling her name but no response, I became very worried, I knock hardly on her room door but no response, so I try breaking the door.

After some minutes, I open the door, what I saw was really terrible, I caught her sleepwalking and also talking to an unknown person, so I prayed very hard, All of a sudden she started screaming, I continued praying then after some minutes she woke up.

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