School Resumption: All 2020 Final Year Students Should Take Note Of This



As regards to the outbreak of covid-19 in Nigeria, all schools have been shut down. For most schools, there are not having online lectures while others have switched to virtual learning.

The minister of state for education Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba has revealed recently, that the federal government is planning on how to reopen schools to all Nigerian students.

As he further detailed that preventive measures must be taken if schools reopens as the federal government is planning to. He said that the guidelines given by the Nigeria center for disease control (NCDC) must be strictly adhered. So that the lives of students won’t be in danger. He revealed that social distancing is one of the measures given, to ease the spread of coronavirus in Nigeria.


As rumours are going round saying that final year students will be allowed to resume schools before others, so that they can write their final exams. Looking at things, all the news are false because the minister of state for education by name Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, has revealed that the federal government has plans for schools to reopen nationwide. But it won’t be based on people’s assumption that final year students will resume schools before others, in reference of writing their final exams.

Minister Nwajiuba gives further explanation on why exam classes might not be allowed to resume before others.

He revealed the fact saying, most universities in Nigeria for instance government own universities are up to 200 in each level. As he assumes how 200 students can write exams in small class or hall, without going contrary to one of the Nigeria center for disease control (NCDC) preventive measures, which is social distancing.

He concluded by revealing that the federal government has instructed all students to read their books, so that they won’t be any form of examination malpractice. He urges students to stay at home until official announcement is made by the federal government regarding to when schools will resume.



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