2 years Old Killed By Step Mom, both hands and legs Broken ( Photos )



What a wicked world.

A 2years old Murtala Musa was brought to MMSH hospital today with bleeding eye (rt), fracture of the two arms and the two tights, missing two milk teeth, butchered scrotum and a sliced tong, just two week after retuning him from his divorce mother to his stepmother.

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  1. She and the husband must be held accountable. Why would he bring a two year old boy to a new woman he has not stay well enough to know how cruel she is.

  2. This type of
    Women will never enjoy the gift of love in life if she
    Actually did that. people need to start leaning that God usually shift punishment to the future so even
    If they did not surfer it,their children and grand children till the fort generation will suffer it.hellfire punishment is different. even if she repent before death, she will go to heaven but the reward or punishment for her actions on earth will be transfered to her offsprings. Some time you see a good pastor or a good person given birth having very bad children and the person question if the children are actually his but he will never understand that blood and spiritual hands of punishment is out for a payback.

  3. The mother of the boy is to be blamed,you left your two years old child for a total stranger and for the step mom,God will judge her

  4. English and Spelling died here. God help us, you must not write Like a poet, but there is a minimum.

  5. She will never see d fruit of her womb if she can commit such an act.may hia soulrest in peace

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