Lyrics: Lurd Crown – Unlimited


Real brothers around me we’ve joined together yeah now wit glue.
D babes never turn back at me and mah love fr dem is reall.
Dem never look down on me,keep flying that’s wat dey do tell me..
Mah trust in Jehovah oo,he will never pull me down yeah,. Twice


Real brothers around me my prayer for you rise and Never fall..
Cos u Always stood by me now and I no u do when I get blown
Shock norriz love my flows shock noriz love my and my guy dikky yol.
Dem all want me to blow yeiye sure i,ll burst d show.

Wonderful babes around me
Unlimited love yeh I gat fr u
Cos u always stood by me now and I no u do when I get blown..
Ghaneezy love mah flows sabrina love my and bae hikky love
Dem all want me to blow yeiye sure I’ll burst d show.

1st Verse:
Mah real fans I say hundred percent love I gat fr u.
Pray for me now so the stars shine nd boom
Mc Johnnie, Naijaphobia official u are so good
Baddest producer yeah loading sunny boom I thank you…
My starting point sky i’ll get there soon now, i love my real fans i’ll get there soonest. The lord will bless u the lord uphold u , pray fr better days i pray will get there.

Second verse:
Big thanks to icons team. Shara to mah niggaz on street.
My real niggaz on street just because of u i kill dis beat yeah
Marato love my flows, sabrina love my flows, Dc smart love my flows yeh milly icez love my flows, skinny love my flows, fedpoffa love my flows, maleen tyzi love my flows now , omolewa love my flows, oscar j love my flows, john neri love my flows, iwatomi my flows, everybody love my flows…

Yeiye a yeah sure I’ll burst d show, lurd crown am gonna burst d show, icons’Team we gonna burst show. Imoleayomi ooo

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