SO SAD!!! Read This Sad Story Of How A Young Man Invested 1m In Nairabet As An Agent But Not Getting Any Profit

A Man reached out to us (Naijaloaded) on how she Invested more than a million Naira into the sport betting business affiliating with NairaBet to be precise and get nothing in return.

She wrote an epistle open letter to the management of the firm and below is her letter;

This is an open letter to NairaBet from a distressed nairabet Agent.

NairaBet, it shouldn’t be this bad. After spending several years at the university, with so many financial struggles, one finally found himself amidst good friends who helped financially to start a good life. I laughed, cried that God has finally picked my call.

Tell me, is a million naira not a good sum to kick start ones business career? Then I ventured into this agent business with NairaBet.

Being the first born of my family, with mum and dad at almost 60, I broke the news to them that God has finally showered his blessings upon us. Mum was so emotional, crying.

I understand her, the word ‘suffering’ is an understatement to what we went through as a family. I got the shop, bought all the equipments needed, and did all necessary things. Then their was just a little left, to buy fuel and paper rolls.

First month, second month, third month gone, and their was nothing to show for it. I still kept telling myself that it’s business, things will soon be alright. Fine, we were told about their payment structure with their new platform.

It sounds good hearing it, but when business starts, it doesn’t make sense at all. For every 300k sales made, we get roughly 10k as agent commission weekly.

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This means that let’s say 40k monthly, and after deducting monthly expenses, nothing is left and most times we ran into debt.

Won’t we even pay our cashiers. NairaBet, please, even if u can raise the weekly payment to 10 percentage, and remove the monthly bonus totally. At least with that, one can still finally make nothing less than 20k in a month in total.

Yes 20k in a month, ok take for instance, in my shop, for making sales of 300k weekly, I would have spent 4000 naira on paper rolls, 7000 naira on fuel for the whole week, 1000 naira on monthly internet subscription, 6800 naira on dstv package, which is very important at my location, because I use that to attract more customers.

NairaBet, how much is left? Though their is a monthly bonus, but please, that thing is not reliable. Should we start going to vigil just to get the monthly favours.

I believe the company can have a system where agents can get 10 percent of total sales for the week, and their should be a range of minimum to maximum payout on this weekly sales, let’s say a maximum of 400k no matter the level of sales just to be fair to the company. I am not writing this to put a bad image of the company.

I just want them to see this, and consider we agents as humans also not slaves. If u ask me, why not change to other betting companies? I am financially down to the extent that to eat is a problem.

I can’t start selling my properties at my shop to raise funds. I doubt if I can still make 400k from it even if I think of venturing into other businesses.

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Like I wrote earlier, this letter is not to put the company in a bad light, but to pass a message across to their apex board management.

Imagine, at over 30 years of age, i was even making arrangements to finally settle down with my woman by next year, thinking that i have finally found a good avenue to get something meaningful and cater for my family.

How can i try such with all this i am getting from NairaBet. Please, I saw the million naira loan I got as the starting point of my success story.

I don’t want to go back into my past depressive life.

We Hope The NairaBet Management get this and act to it appropriately!

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