Let’s Talk!! A Guy/Babe Who Stayed Virgin Till 35 – Is That A Dignity Or Curse??

I heard someone said WHAT! A Virgin At 35, What were you doing with the past 35 years of your life?

Virginity, your Pride, your Dignity. Choosing to remain a virgin until marriage is a respectable personal decision for both sex. It is the act of been pure and chaste, and not involving in any form of sexual or intimate relationship.

For some of us who were raised in Christian homes, we were advised to stay pure until marriage. Our ancestors valued virginity.

But lately, some bullies have turned virginity into something else. They claim that if someone is still a virgin until marriageable age, then he or she just lacked opportunities.

Have heard people ignoring Girls because of virginity claiming that she is inexperienced.

Now to be a virgin at 35 is very strange, unbelievable but possible!!!

Do You Call That A Blessing Or Rubbish???

Can You Marry/Date A Virgin At 35Years???

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