Why I Performed Half-N*Ked On Stage – Nigerian Singer, Brymo Opens Up

Olawale Ashimi , the Nigerian music maker who is more popularly known as Brymo, is known to be in a class of his own when it comes to making music .
The Ara singer practically set blogosphere aflame after a video of his performance in London surfaced on the Internet. For the performance , Brymo wrapped a piece of clothe around his loins while his butt was left bare.
In a chat with Sunday Scoop , Brymo explained the reason for his choice of clothing.
He said ,
“ That was the way our forefathers used to dress before the arrival of the West . As a matter of fact , some months ago, a picture circulated on the Internet of a wealthy Igbo farmer who dressed that way in 1930 . I just wanted to remind people of our past . It surprises me that people are shocked whenever I dress that way. That was the same way I dressed in the video for my song, Heya . In this part of the world, we are mostly consumers ; not creators . If the advanced world should come here and take all of their technologies , we would be left Nakked .
“ However , I appreciate the people who follow my music and see it as a form of artistic expression. Those are the people I do this for . For those who don’ t like it; sorry, I don ’t know what to do about that .”
Meanwhile , the singer also admitted that he was often misunderstood.
He said ,
“ Yes, I am often misunderstood because some people don’t understand what I do. Most of these people are not in the entertainment industry; so, they don ’t really understand the concept behind the art . I don ’t have a problem with the fact that the mainstream industry doesn’t celebrate me because they only celebrate those they can control. I had already become a musician before finding out how the music industry works. I had two options – to either pack my bags and run or stay. A lot of things are wrong with the music industry as it is currently set up because there is no structure. After releasing an album , an artiste is supposed to take a break for about a year or two before recording another album ; but it is not so here . ”
Brymo noted that most international companies sign Nigerian artistes with the intention of exploiting them.
He added ,
“ When it comes to international deals, I have had about three offers and we took one with PMG, a record company based in Oklahoma, USA . The deal lasted for a year and I decided to be independent after that . I was also offered a deal by Sony but we didn ’ t take it because they were not ready to give us what we asked for . My experience with foreign labels has shown that they are more interested in taking our catalogue away. In the future , all our musicians would be depending on foreigners to pay them royalties. ”

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