Halima Abubakar Reveals Why She Lost Weight

Halima Abubakar Reveals Why She Lost Weight

Popular Nollywood actress , Halima Abubakar , has opened up on her new physique after losing a ton of weight.
In a chat with Saturday Beat , the actress noted that she was not bothered by people’ s opinion of her trimmed physique . She explained how she was able to shed some weight within a period of one month .
“ A man can never make me slim down . A woman should lose weight when it is necessary , especially for her health ’s sake . I feel it is the business of those that are bashing me because I am trying to be healthy for myself and not for anybody . I do not care what they are saying about (my ) losing weight or not.
“ They do not expect me to be ‘ thick ’ forever, do they ? I recently started this weight loss regimen about a month ago . I reduced what I ate and I was able to achieve this weight loss .
“ Now I eat a lot of vegetables and take a lot of juice ; everything I eat has to be nurturing . I used to love pounded yam , but I stopped eating all that . Now I prefer to take carrots . Also, I was on a ketogenic diet, it worked for me but it is not for everybody ,” she said .
Halima Abubakar before weight loss
She further revealed that there was currently a man in her life.
“ There is someone in my life that I am ‘ looking at ’ but let’s see how it goes. I don’ t know when the wedding bells would ring . The person is not in the movie industry; I cannot date someone in the entertainment industry. We should not be doing the same thing ; I have always said this,” Abubakar said .

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