Manchester United Are Backing Ed Woodward To Solve The Crisis Around Jose Mourinho… For Now

Manchester United Are Backing Ed Woodward To Solve The Crisis Around Jose Mourinho… For NowAccording to the “Daily Mail” famous Manchester United team reporter Mike Keegan reported that Manchester United’s top figures have admitted that Mourinho did experience some problems, but they also believe that CEO Woodward Can handle this.
Manchester United’s preseason game in North America this summer is a bit bleak, coupled with the recent outbreak of Pogba, and the team lost 2-3 to Brighton on the road, the season has just started two games, the cloud has been shrouded in the old The sky over the Laford Stadium.
The club’s top management has realized the existence of the problem and understands that it needs to solve the problem, but at the same time they remain calm. The top executives have confidence in Woodward and believe that he can handle it, although they also have concerns that if things are not properly resolved, they are likely to develop like snowballs.
On Tuesday, Pogba agent Raiola accused the name of Scholes on Twitter, saying that he “cannot recognize him as a leader even before standing in Churchill”; Raiola also said, hope Scholes can become the sports director of Manchester United, which will sell Pogba. Another Manchester United star, Neville, also retaliated against Raiola on Twitter, hoping that Pogba could let his agent shut up. In Manchester United’s view, Raiola’s involvement is simply a help
“The Post” said that Mourinho was outspoken in the team’s US trip, but at the same time, the way in the locker room for Mu Shuai was disfigured, and Mu Shuai was also fighting against it. Although Mourinho sent Pogba an olive branch by giving the captain’s armband, Pogba still expressed his concern that he would be punished for this and he could not express his feelings.
The Post also reported that Mourinho’s criticism of Manchester United’s transfer window operation and his anger at not buying a central defender have touched the management of Manchester United’s management. They believe that Mourinho has not brought a short-term improvement to the team, and this is what they expect Mu Shuai to do.
Manchester United will face Tottenham next Monday, and players will return to Carrington on Wednesday to report. It is reported that Mourinho will discuss the current situation with the players.
Woodward has begun to work hard and hopes that the relationship between the two sides will pick up. The current feeling of the club is that it is now the turn of the coach to take action. Manchester United will not support the departure of Bogba, because the current Premier League transfer window has been closed, Manchester United will not be able to sign alternatives.
Manchester United are backing Ed Woodward to solve the crisis around Jose Mourinho… for now
Previously, Woodward was focusing on making the team’s youth training team more modern. According to the Post, this year’s investment in youth training is seven times that of previous years. This is also related to Manchester United’s scouting system. At this time, the problem is coming. Now Manchester United is looking for a suitable football director, the director will form a buffer between the management and the head coach, Manchester United is still looking for a suitable candidate, “The Post” said that the desired candidate may end at the end of the season Appeared.
At the same time, Neville also criticized Woodward after the team lost 2-3 to Brighton. Manchester United club officials said they did not understand such criticism. The source told the Post that Woodward stayed in his seat until the people who went out were scattered, and later he came to Brighton’s locker room to congratulate them.

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