BREAKING!! Christian Girl Goes Missing From Boarding School In Kaduna (Photo)

BREAKING!! Christian Girl Goes Missing From Boarding School In Kaduna (Photo)

Alarm Raised As Christian Girl Goes Missing From Boarding School In Kaduna
A Christian girl identified as Miss Parmata Abdulkarim Misari, is said to have been missing from Government Girls Secondary school in Zaria, Kaduna state. It was gathered that the JSS 3 schoolgirl allegedly went missing since July 20th, 2018 and the school authorities claim to know nothing about it.
An alarm has been raised by the Hausa Christians Foundation – HACFO who notified the police authorities of the shocking development.
Read the full report below;
Mr. Abdulkarim and Mrs Hauwa Misari are indigenes of Borno State, currently residing in Zaria, Kaduna State Nigeria that are now faced with the sorrowful nightmares of their lives, a painful situation that no parent will ever wish to experience in any way. What could be more more painful to you as parent than to see your own child taken away from you forcefully not by death but by some people who think that you don’t deserve to have a child. These parents in their quest to educate their beloved daughter Parmata decided to secure her admission in a Boarding school for safety and better concentration. Living in the assumption that their daughter is schooling and living secured in the Boarding House, until they met with the strangest news of their lives telling them that their daughter is missing and that the entire School management was not in the picture of it until after four days.
The attention of the parents of Parmata was drawn over their missing JSS 3 daughter from Government Secondary School Kongo Zaria (former WTC Zaria) which is a Boarding School on the 24th July, 2018 by her Guardian, Mrs. Bahago, which called the parents to inform them that their daughter has not been in School since 20th July, 2018. On reaching the school the matron went into the hostel to check for her and later she came back to tell them that their daughter is not in the hostel, but she is “within the neighborhood”. The matron suggested that the principal should be informed about the missing girl. On reaching the principals house, she said she was just hearing the news for the first time.
As at today 6th August, 2018 an investigation on the matter has begun by the Kaduna State Police Command and we are trusting God for a positive outcome.

1. Sometimes ago we got inform of how some schools authority were conniving with others to reach their target of getting access to many of our Christians Girls without the consent of the parents.
2. Christiana Jacob Abimaje, the 3rd Christian girl we rescued in 2017 was abducted, Islamized and detained with the help of some people in GSS Bomo Zaria where she schooled. Alheri Garba from Katsina was from school when she was abducted, and abused to extend that she almost lost her life if not for God’s intervention. These two girls are all abducted in Zaria. We just hope that Parmata will not go through or even worse than the experience these girls went through.
3. Most of the girls who have been forcefully taken away from their parents and Islamized are in Secondary Schools. Some of them suffer so much delay in their studies and even some of them forfeit the school as a result. If this matter is not curtailed immediately and drastic measures taken to stop this, it will put the lives of our young Christian girls with brighter future in public schools at high risk.

1. The school is a boarding school and at resumption of the school the parents duly handed over their beloved daughter Parmata to the school authority and having fulfilled their obligation as her parents, we demand that their daughter be brought back to them and for her to continue her education.
2. In view of the above observation, the school authority should be compelled to produce Parmata to her parents and the Matron and the Principal should be sanctioned, since the matron seems to know her whereabouts from her claim that “she is within the neighborhood”.
3. There should be adequate measures put in place to safeguard the lives of our children in School all over the country especially our Christian girls who always happened to be at the receiving end.

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