The Merchants of Lies and The Man Felix Idiga

The Merchants of Lies and The Man Felix Idiga

Mazi Ejimofor Opara
Every epoch of human existence produces its own unique sets of Legends and their array of uncommon accomplishments. Regrettably, there is no legend without a scar emanating either from the bruises of physical assaults or meta narratives; in extreme cases, both interplay to subdue their sterling records for reasons not so unconnected with deliberate mischief by human folks, disappointingly so, folks from the household of Legends.
Chief Idiga Felix is one of the Legends of this epoch with his own fair share of reckless scars. The Amaifeke business mogul and philanthropist have erroneously been a subject of unfounded news reports, chief amongst them been the unsubstantiated $9.3million dollars arms deal scandal. The falsehood only gained credence on the basis of a festering animosity for the towering profile of the enigmatic CEO of JAFAC Group, whose selflessness have so allured his people that they keep calling on him to chart a political path for their socioeconomic advancement. This singular act has not only provoked hate from some powerbrokers who feed fat at the expense of the people’s welfare, but informed the longstanding character assassinations of Chief Idiga on the media.
The truth about the story remains that;

➖ No investigation has indicted Chief Felix Idiga or his company.
➖ The said aircraft does not belong to him or any of his companies
➖ His aircraft with the Registeration number N497AG is registered with the name SWAT Technology Ltd. and was never involved in any cash-for-arms deal as peddled by some distraught elements.
The Man who his people have come to define as “God’s promise to them” (Nkwa Chukwu Kwere Orlu), has remained undeterred by the deliberate mischief of power mongers who are bent on casting a snag on his unblemished integrity. Chief Idiga, as a consummate grassroot leader understands the basic concerns of his people. Little wonder the aptness of his very affective empowerment and humanitarian projects scattered across Orlu zone and beyond. The obvious threat he poses is to the enemies of populist welfare, persons who have not affected the lives of the people positively in spite of their seeming perpetuity in power.
While I reckon that “all is fair in love and war”, I also believe that life is governed by basic principles and these principles must of necessity shape our social and political relations with each other. The media as a very sensitive institution, must not let loose of its enduring etiquette by ensuring a balance of stories before hitting the press. Most of the damaging stories on Chief Felix Idiga’s involvement in the spurious arms deal lack depth and are laced with mudslinging than objective reportage. The thousands of persons whose smile remain the utmost concern of Chief Felix Idiga are his driving force, not even the blackmail and vandetta missions of a few millers of vile have vitiated his resolve to better the lot of humanity.
I am persuaded that lies are not only fickle but also self destructive. Those who peddle it may not understand this. However, they cannot be immuned from its dire consequences, because karma is indeed out there. Chief Felix Idiga against the admonition of rabblerausers has shunned every entreaty to initiate legal actions against these “pay-as-you-go” online publishers running this calumny against his hard earned personality. Indeed, rumours are initiated by enemies, spread by ignorants and accepted by the shallow minded.

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The Merchants of Lies and The Man Felix Idiga
Mazi Ejimofor Opar

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