Interview With Nollywood Movie Maker Chigozie Zeribe Wanodi A.k.a “Zegon”

A Business man and a company owner, a Movie Producer and also a humanitarian, Chigozie Zeribe Wanodi a.k.a “Zegon”, has Urged the Federal Government to put more efforts in the development of Nollywood, saying the industry is so large and can boost the country’s Economic potentials. Read his interview below:
Introduction Sir?
My Names Are Zeribe Chigozie Wanodi .AKA. Zegon. Am from Rivers State Ikwere L.G.A .I grew up in Imo State and attended Isiala Mbano Community Secondary School, which is where my Mother came from. In my School Days, I know I was a brilliant student that came from a bad system. So, I decided to do something and go into business and production, because nobody will give me if i don’t have.
What do you do sir?
I’m an entrepreneur, I manage my personal business of portable production and some manufacturing as well as creating ideas for other SMEs on creative designs of their products packaging, and I’m also a movie maker. I am not making too much of profit but i try my best to still help people in the society in my own little way. I am a busy man and between My Business and Movie making, i rarely have time for myself.
You say you’re a movie maker, what is your advice to the Government about Nollywood?
I think government’s intervention was negative. They didn’t do enough research before intervening. Another thing they did wrong was giving people license to rent out our movies. If you have an alternative to buying, people will choose the alternative. 85% of those who could buy movies now rent, Now, you have people that are licensed to mass-produce your works without recourse to you.
I started thinking of the effect of Business to have a Basic life. I don’t like the idea where you only give admission to brilliant students who pass the common entrance and reject those that failed. Afterwards, you would say your school produced excellent students when you selected excellent students in the first place. I say no to that method. The challenge of being a school proprietor is to change that boy from a dull-head to all-brain. We believe every parent’s dreams is achievable in the school.

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