Recycled Rulers can’t Salvage this Country” – Movie Producer, Ugezu declares 2019 Presidential Ambition

“Recycled Rulers can’t Salvage this Country” – Movie Producer, Ugezu declares 2019 Presidential Ambition

Popular Nollywood film producer, actor, Ugezu J. Ugezu has declared his intention to run for presidency come 2019. His reason being that Nigerian leaders, who he said are ‘recycled’ do not plan with the world. He lamented that at the time when other world leaders are dumping oil, President Muhammadu Buhari to staging a meeting on ways to explore oil in Sokoto. Read on…

It has become established that the leaders of Western World are looking beyond oil. France, under the new 39 years old President has test run a solar powered Boeing Plane that flew for 14 hours (without aviation fuel) and landed back in Paris. Already, the engineers behind the mind boggling invention have said they will get it up to 29 hours in the next six months. Automatically, France is ready to expunge aviation fuel from their worries.

Still in France, the authorities have hinted that if you find ten cars along the street of France in the next seven years, that six of them shall be solar powered, three shall be running on electric turbo charger, and the remaining one, which surely will not be a French car, and which will not be owned by any French citizen, shall be on petrol.

Once again, it is glaring that oil is absolutely positioned to become crap.

If you read what America, Canada and Russia are planning, you will discover that the world has evolved beyond oil, and it’s attendant evils.

It is in this era that the President of Nigeria, a supposed giant of Africa, has invited the governor of Sokoto State, to discuss on ways to explore oil exploration in Sokoto.

If you are still thinking that recycled rulers will salvage this country, then you must think again. We are under the leadership of men that do not plan with the world.

We can kick start the development engine of Nigeria come 2019. Start getting used to it.

UGEZU J. UGEZU for the President of Nigeria

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