​Ways To Woo A Girl Without Using Money

​Ways To Woo A Girl Without Using Money

So hey guys here are some ways to woo a girl without using money, money is not everything but everything needs money.

This works best on girls who are single or want a new relationship, of course I wouldn’t go with these on a slay queen. They have no brains so lol.

Don’t get me wrong. I said without money. This is not in anyway encouraging broke guys o cause money is still needed in the relationship. You guys must go out. You must transport if you have a car you must buy fuel etc. Money needed for all those things.

So here are some ways. If you are cute. This will make you outstanding.

1. Be funny and romantic.

If you want to woo a girl and you are a funny guy, you have an advantage, you can mix this wittiness of yours with romance, be romantic and at the same time be funny, don’t just be funny. Be funny and slowly keep a great conversation with her while making your intentions know to her slowly, slowly do this, it will be preferable to do this via chat or in person anyone you feel comfortable with.

Like for example of me being funny.

Girl :she uploaded a very cute dp and I was like

me: babe, this your dp is too cute o, you want to give them boys sleepless night ba, you just they hit anyhow o, even fire self they quench, your own na endless hotness”

She found it funny and she laughed and then I added the romantic funny line

“our babies are going to be very cute, I mean look at how cute their mother is, and of course the daddy which is me is also cute so our combination will be beautiful” and she was like

Girl: oh dear you are very funny.

So you see.

It has even gotten to the point that she enjoys me so much that even if we are suppose to take a bus home she will be like “baby no need lets stroll so we can see things to laugh and gist about and hold hands, it’s romantic”

I give her a great conversation that I leave her yearning for more. I am more than best friend and parents combined because I have given her the kind of excitement. Listening ears that she hasn’t experienced before.

2. If you have a great voice, sing to her.

Girls love guys who have great voice and can sing, so if you can sing her a romantic short song most of the time. She will definitely fall in love with you. While slowly making your intentions known to her.

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