​Davido Don Enter Gbege! Baby Mamas on a Serious Revenge Mission (See Shocking Details)

Davido Don Enter Gbege! Baby Mamas on a Serious Revenge Mission (See Shocking Details)

When a lady dates a celebrity and secretly hopes and prays for a ring but gets the status of baby mama instead, she has been greatly spite and the foremost thing on her mind would be revenge.

Yes revenge. Revenge might not necessarily mean she would like to put a dagger in the man’s heart, but her major aim would be the mission to look drop dead gorgeous so the man in question can see what he is missing and if possible come crawling back to her.

It is normal for a woman dumped to channel her energy into winning her man back.

Two celebrity baby mamas who are most likely on this revenge mission are Davido’s baby mama Sophie Momodu and Flavour’s number two baby mama Anna Banner.

Sophie Momodu dated Davido briefly and had a girl child for the singer who made it clear when the two had a clash last year that he would never Marry her.

Not only did he place her beneath him societal wise but also in looks according to a statement released from Davido’s office.

All Sophie got was a baby and a status!

No wonder she’s seriously on the revenge mission of meeting up to the standard of Davido. In looks and all.

The young mother of one has snapped back on Instagram, taking hot shots of herself, posting bikini pictures, flaunting her hot body to show she’s still got it.

Davido might pretend he isn’t seeing, but the truth is there’s no way he wouldn’t be seeing this new Sophie.

Anna Banner is Flavour’s baby mama two. The young lady was fast to give herself the necessary advice as far as her baby daddy was concerned.

Anna was fresh and naive when Flavour snatched her, her life had literally just begun when she got the baby mama status and title plus a cute daughter.

Only for Flavour to publicly announce he wasn’t getting married.

Anna was fast to snap out of her temporary infatuation and concentrate on herself, body, looks and career.

It’s working…Flavour might not be on one knee with a bling, but he definitely knows what he is missing!

If the revenge mission could work for Khloe Kardashian, there’s hope for these two… Lamar Odom wants his wife back! Who wouldn’t…

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