​How To Transfer MTN Credit or Airtime To Another Number

​How To Transfer MTN Credit or Airtime To Another Number

If you have been wondering how you can transfer MTN credit to another MTN line, you have come to the right place. This is a simple guide on how to do it.

Sometimes, knowing how to transfer MTN credit can get you out of an embarrassing situation.

For instance, you could have a lot of credit on your line but no actual cash; only for a friend or family to demand money to buy credit.

This is one situation where information like this can come in handy. You simply transfer your own air time to the other MTN line.

But of course, this only works if the recipient is on the same MTN network as you. Unfortunately, the network providers are yet to come up with a system of airtime sharing across networks.

How to transfer MTN credit or air time to another MTN line.

There are two ways you can do this:

Through SMS text message

Through the USSD code

The process of transferring MTN credit is also known as ‘Share and Sell.’

But first, before going into how to transfer MTN credit to another MTN line, you need to know how to change your default PIN.

For this service, every MTN line has a default pin of 0000. Before using the service, you would have to change it to your own unique secret PIN.

This is necessary to prevent anybody from transferring your credit/air time to another line without your knowledge.

There are two ways to change the default PIN.

Method 1: via SMS

Let’s assume your desired new secret PIN is 9876; you can change the default PIN to your new secret PIN by following the steps below:

Type 0000 9876 9876 and send it to 777 through a text message

0000 is your default PIN

9876 is your new secret PIN

9876 is the command to confirm you new PIN

Note that you can use any four digits apart from 9876. You will get a message from MTN acknowledging your new PIN.

Method 2: Via USSD

On your phone, simply dial

“601*0000*9876*9876# and press the call/send B.utton.

Like in the previous method:

0000 stands for your default pin (or old pin if you want to change to a new pin)

9876 is your new pin (you can choose any 4 digits) and the second 9876 is the confirmation command.

You would receive a notification from MTN confirming your new PIN if you did it correctly.

Now that you have successfully changed your PIN, you can now transfer MTN credit to another MTN line.

Transfer MTN credit via SMS

To transfer MTN credit using a text message simply type out the following in a text message;

Transfer <space> Recipient’s number<space> Amount PIN

Send the text message to 777

For example, if you want to transfer N800 worth of airtime to 08039871234 (or any MTN number); and your secret PIN is 9876, this is the format of the text message

Transfer 05039871234 800 9876

Send that to 777

You would receive a message if the transaction is successful.

Transfer MTN credit via USSD

This too is straightforward and easy as long as you have changed the default PIN.

On your phone, simply dial *600*Recipient’s number*Amount*PIN# and press the call/send B.utton

For example, if the Recipient’s number is 08039871234; and you wish to transfer N800 worth of air time credit to the number and your secret PIN is 9876; simply dial

*600*08039871234*800*9876# and press the call/send B.utton.

All things being equal and if you did it correctly, you would receive a notification from MTN informing you that the transaction was successfully done.

‘Share and Sell’ business

It is not for nothing that this feature is called ‘ Share and Sell ‘ by MTN. Apart from the fact that you can share/transfer your MTN credit with any MTN line, you can also use this feature to make a bit of money for yourself.

You can buy MTN credit from bulk sellers at a discount. When you transfer the MTN credit to another person, you would make a little profit due to the discount you bought it at.

The trick is to let as many people as possible know that you offer this service. The bigger profit is in the volume of sales you make on any given day.

Several small businesses are engaged in this business. There is no reason you can’t be part of it.

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