​6 Ways To Check 9Mobile Data Balance & The New Blazeon Data Plan

​6 Ways To Check 9Mobile Data Balance & The New Blazeon Data Plan

There are several ways to check 9Mobile data balance. In case you are wondering, 9Mobile is the new name for Etisalat network, the fourth largest telecoms company in Nigeria.

The recent name change was as a result of the pull out of the core investor from the company. The new management of the company had to change the name because Etisalat is the business name of the former core investor.

That said, the change in name did not really affect the operations of the company. Not many people even noticed the big change that occurred except for the ‘9Mobile.’

Subscribers to the network continued to enjoy the same quality of service.

Though 9Mobile is the fourth largest GSM company in Nigeria, it is acknowledged that they are the best when it comes to delivery of data services.

Subscribers attest to the fact the network is comparatively faster than other GSM networks.

There are several Internet data bundles/packages on the network. Depending on which package one subscribes to, one might need a different code to check the 9Mobile data balance.

Most of these data bundles are already known to 9Mobile subscribers. However before talking about how to check 9Mobile data balance, a little bit about the new data plan known as Blazeon.

9Mobile Blazeon

With the change of management, the new management team wanted the world to know they mean business.

New call tariffs were introduced as well as new data plans.

One of the new data plans is called Blazeon. It is a time-based data plan where you pay for the right to have unlimited Internet access for a time limit.

Actually, the Blazeon itself is an android app that monitors the data usage of the subscriber. So to use this package, one needs to download the Blazeon app and install it on an Android device

The differed time plans are as follows

10 minutes for N50

15 minutes for N70

30 minutes for N120

60 minutes for N200

Obviously, you won’t need a code to check any data balance here as everything depends on the time.

This plan is good if you want to download heavily. Since with the famed 9Mobile blazing network, you can do a lot of download in 60 minutes with just N200.

You can download and install the app here.

How to check 9Mobile data balance

1. Check 9Mobile data balance is through SMS

On your mobile phone, simply type ‘ info ‘ without the quotes and send the message to 228.

That is ‘info to 228.’

You would receive a message containing information about your data balance, and the expiry or validity date of your Internet bundle

2. Check 0Mobile data balance via the use of USSD code.

The USSD code is derived from the SMS method so it is easy to remember.

On your mobile phone, just dial *288# and press the send or call B.utton.

You would immediately receive a notification about your remaining data balance and the date it is going to expire.

3. Contacting customer care service

This is also another popular method to check 9Mobile data balance.

But this method is rather tedious. It should be used only when the first two methods have failed. Then you can proceed to contact them.

To get through to a 9Mobile customer care agent, dial 200 on your phone. Follow the prompts until you are connected to an agent who would attend to you

How long you wait depends on the number of people ahead of you and the available agents. However, you don’t have to worry about that as the call is free.

4. Online Chat

Like the previous method to check 9Mobile data balance, it is advisable to use this method when the first two methods don’t work for one reason or the other.

On your Web browser, go 9Mobile live chat page. Then click on the round green live chat icon on the website. An available agent would be connected to you after some time.

You would have to supply some of your personal details to confirm the line is yours though. That shouldn’t be a problem if you haven’t forgotten your registration details.

5. Social media

9Mobile are also active on social media especially Facebook and Twitter.

Simply drop a data balance inquiry message on their Facebook page or

Twitter handle. Remember to leave your mobile number for them to attend to you properly.

The social media handler would reply with your 9Mobile data balance as soon as they see the message.

6. Use my9mobile app

This is one of the little-known ways to check 9Mobile data balance. However, it is also one of the most convenient after the first two methods.

Just download the app from Google Play Store and install it.

An extra bonus for you is that you can use the app to manage all your 9Mobile lines. That is, in case you have more than one active 9Mobile SIM.

Apart from data balance, you can also check your credit balance, your registration status and the different codes and packages on 9Mobile with the app.

It is indeed a very useful app.

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