​3 Major Mobile Apps That Drain Your Battery Very Fast

3 Major Mobile Apps That Drain Your Battery Very Fast

There are plenty of apps out there that drain your battery quicker than you can run home to get your charger.

But, there are also some that perhaps you didn’t know waste your juice – some that even open on starting up your phone/.

The tech firm Avast has revealed the top 10 apps that ruin performance when you turn your phone on, or unlock, and also the ones that hit your battery from the minute you open them.

They used data from 3,000,000 Android users, and found which ones had the greatest impact on battery life, storage capacity and mobile date usage.

Gagan Singh, a mobile business expert at Avast, said: “For many of us, our smartphones are the main device in our everyday lives.

“Knowing which of our favourite apps are the hardest-hitting on battery life, data usage, and storage is important so we can manage any that we are regularly using on our phones.

“Industry stats show smartphone sales grew 9.1 percent in the first quarter of this year and Android devices continue to dominate market share.”

Google apps cover a lot of the top 10 for the apps that drain the battery on start-up.

Google TalkBack, Play Music, Maps, Newsstand, and Plus make up 50 percent of the results, with ChatON Voice & Video Chat, Samsung Push Service , ChatON, and Hangouts also included.

However, the biggest battery waster was Samsung AllShare which shares content across various Samsung devices.

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The ones that are ‘run by users’ – and begin to kill your battery when you click on the app – are a little more varied.

Samsung WatchON, a media playing app (which has now been discontinued), was the worst offender, followed by Google Docs, Samsung Media Hub, SHAREit, and Video Editor.

Flipboard, Google Text-to-Speech, Clean Master, LINE and Adobe Acrobat reader rounded out the top ten on this side of the board.

Singh added: “Affordable smartphones, however, can compromise on features like device storage so the experience of the user is increasingly important and how apps affect a phone’s performance is critical.”

Whereas Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat used to occupy these ‘top 10’ lists, they have since improved to no longer be such performance drainers.

However, that is not the case for iPhone. Facebook and Twitter are still in the top five worst offenders, alongside Google Chrome, Google Maps and Skype – according to iphonelife.com.

By deleting these apps you can spend more time giving your mum three rings to let her know you’re safe, or, alternatively, reading more LADbible articles – every little helps, eh?

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